Canine Elimination Disorders

Canine Elimination Disorders can occur for a variety of reasons:

  • Housebreaking Failure - Inconsistency with training and poor methods utilized. It is key to not allow puppies to have access to any surface but the surface in which the owner desires the dog to eliminate on. This is accomplished by confinement (cage or pen) when the dog is alone and close supervision when the owners are with the dog. In addition, the dog should be taken on a leash to the designated elimination area and praised when elimination occurs. Also, routinely take the dog out to eliminate after each meal.
  • Marking Behavior - Dogs (especially intact male and female dogs) will often use urine to mark territory by depositing urine on mostly vertical surfaces. this can be a territorial response or a response to aggressive displays from other pets in the household. Appropriate housebreaking steps, neutering and, sometimes, medication are needed to reduce the incidence.
  • Separation Anxiety - Dogs may urinate when left alone as a symptom of anxiety related to being separated from its owner. Other signs such as destructive behavior, vocalizing and drooling can also be present. See section on Separation Anxiety on this site for further information.