CVBC Staff Videos

Changing Emotions in a Fearful Dog

Using the Gentle Leader for Pulling on the Leash

Dog Body Language

Zoom Room Guide to Dog Body Language

from Zoom Room


What your dog is desperately trying to tell you

from thefamilydogtv


Zoom Room Guide to Dog Play Gestures

from Zoom Room

Does your dog REALLY want to be petted?

from eileenanddogs 


I speak "doggie"

from  thefamilydogtv

Cat Body Language

Body Language in Cats

from Cats Protection


The Science of Learning

Behavior Toolkit

from Behavior Works 

Reinforcer Strength 

from Behavior Works

Training Videos

An Introduction to Clicker Training 

from Clicker Training


Teaching a dog to wear a muzzle

from Domesticated Manners

Targeting with Dogs

from Animal Training Videos 


Podee's aggressive to other dogs

from Sophia Yin, DVM 


Training your pet to take medication

from Animal Behavior Service LLAC


Classical Conditioning Used to Help Prevent Problem Behaviors

from the San Francisco SPCA


Training nail trimming as demonstrated by Kelly Cottrell. For those using clicker training, it can be added as well.