Therapy of behavior disorders can be complex and time consuming, so a commitment to the pet is essential to increase the likelihood of success. 

Behavior Consultations & Fees

Full Consultation - $580

  • Includes evaluation of your pet's history, a discussion of a diagnosis and treatment plan, a written summary of the consultation, 4 months of email follow up, a recheck visit (no additional charge) within 4 months of the initial consultation, and reporting to your veterinarian.
  • The initial consultation is approximately 2 hours in length, and the follow up appointment is approximately one hour.
  • Charges for lab work, behavior equipment, and medication (if indicated) are additional.
  • Non-behavioral procedures will be directed back to your referring veterinarian.
  • For additional information on what to expect from a Full Consultation, please read our CVBC New Appointment Letter.


Level II Follow Up Consultation Fee: $350

  • For clients who have completed an Initial Consultation with their pet, but feel that continued care is still warranted.
  • Includes a 30-60 minute in-person recheck appointment, a written report, 4 months of email follow up, and reporting to your veterinarian.
  • The need for follow up visits vary from case to case.


Vet-to-Vet Consultation: $275

  • Includes review of patient history and consultation with the patient's veterinarian.
  • This is meant for veterinarians who have an interest in behavior but need some guidance in managing a case.
  • The pet owner completes the appropriate history forms and returns them to our office where they are reviewed. A report is compiled, forwarded to the regular veterinarian, and we have a consultation with the veterinarian to help arrive at a diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • All communication with the pet owner is through the regular veterinarian. 
  • The pet's regular veterinarian would also assign their own charges to the pet owner.


With your guidance and direction on understanding how a dog learns with positive training, our world turned around. Not only has it changed my dog’s life, but mine too!!!
— Ralph & Liz