Games and Play

Step by step video on how to make a flirt pole (giant cat toy) for your dog. Read about it in our BLOG - ‎ Victoria Warfel Dream Dogz Training Center Professional training for the real world, specializing in off-leash training.
Using a Flirt Pole is a fantastic way to exercise your dog. It also gives you a chance to work on several other important exercises for your dog: "sit," "trade" or "drop it" (my own cue is "May I have it?") and wait (takes lots of impulse control to wait patiently while the toy is prepared for the new round of the game).

Shell Scent Game

Teach your dog how to find and paw indicate a scent using this easy and fun game using materials you have at home. Shows you step by step how to chain two simple behaviors (sniff, paw) to create a new more complex behavior that gets a new cue.